JamTracks is THE website for the all-round musician and was especially created for the guitar player. JamTracks will deliver guitar player courses, backing tracks for different styles, video clips for training, examples of beautifull pieces and dedicated software. JamTracks also creates special software for the Visual Impaired Musician (VIP' s).

JamTracks is the successor of midiworks. In spite of the fact a lot of effort has been put in creating all clips and tracks, these are still FREE. Also the software is FREE but is delivered as is with no warantee. The copyright of all songs is with JamTracks (Frank Deden).

If you need any other musical production or short clip for a film sound track or other purpose or you need the mp3 of the here presented songs, please use the contact form below.


Full Song Gallery (all songs composed or arranged by JamTracks)

Watch and Enjoy all Video's. Leave a comment on my Youtube channel.


JavaDAW is the first succesful music sequencer (vsthost) or DAW completely build in java. JavaDAW can be installed on a Windows machine or on a Mac. All the necessary files to run javaDAW are available in the .rar file on download. JavaDaw creates a javadaw home in your $USER_HOME directory with Projects, Export, Resources and Backup sub-directories.

jDrum and jDrum VIP are drum sequencers and can be used for music eduction and to explore rhytms. Real drum samples can be loaded. These applications are also completely build in java and therefore cross-platform.

The software is delivered "as is". Updates will be availale in the future.





jDrum VIP


Harmonics Course

Course Contents

JamTracks delivers a simple course for the starting guitar player. This course presents a clear overview of the common music theory but enriched with all common scales, chord progressions and solo tricks and tips. Most guitar players are well familiar with minor pentatonic scales but your playing can be endleesly enriched with knowledge of the other scales.

Please send your credentials using the "Quick Contact" form and we will send you a copy of the Harmonics Course a.s.a.p. after payment (Dutch language only).

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